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Business Class Advice is the advisory service intended for private customers, on the same wavelength as their targets in order to reach the best results possib1e without neglecting security.

More and more complex financial markets and macroeconomic sceneries in constant evolution require continuous updating, specific information and care of details.

In the course of the last 20 years the concept of saving has known a deep change: people have passed from the pure and simple "accumulation" to the notion of investment This transformation has developed according to a logical sequence that goes from the innovation of the product, which requires research, planning, market analysis, lo its marketing which expresses itself through marketing, distribution and communication strategies. It follows that the new borderline of the financial advice resides in the need to have to incorporate the Customer's exigences into your own corporate culture, the organization of work and the pertinence of the assigned operators. This change requires a structural fiexibility that goes beyond a simple organizational adjustment.

We people of Business Class think that the added value resides in the capability to carry out continuous reorientations in order to change from Customer satisfaction concern into Customer oriented concern.

As a consequence:
- having professional competences above the average;
- having a technology in the forefront at your disposal;
- getting track records above the market average with particular attention to the protection of the property are our targets.

In order to reach this aim we have defined some internal rules of security according to a strict ethical code.

HONESTY: integrity, uprightness and sense of responsibility shall be the fundamental values of all members .of the organization. We want to reach our aims according to the professional ethics, while respecting the signed rules and agreements.

TOLERANCE: Our choices leave any discrimination out of consideration, with all respect for the differences of gender, religion, race, age, politics or different ability.

CLEARNESS: independence is the basis for our working philosophy: strategies of investment, relations with a third party and communications are the fruit of weighed autonomous choices.

PRIVACY: privacy and respect for privacy represent a categorical imperative for us.

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