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the independent financial advice

The advisory activity consists in meeting your customers' requirements with the highest standard of skills, in the absence of conflicts of interest, through a close net of collaboration with reliable professional Offices (Business consultants, Lawyers, Insurers).

The service is offered in a structured way in order to define the investor's profile. A solution “to measure” , carved out on everybody's personal situation, focused on four divisions:

  • Managed saving: analysis and evaluation of the quality of the financial assets and the correlated risk, consistent with the Customer's profile and the temporal horizon agreed on before. The possible present and/or future engagements and the adequate financial backing .shall be held in due consideration.
  • Banking advice: it is an extraordinary finance service consisting in the steady monitoring of the relations existing with Credit institutions as regards the appllied economic conditions and/or the possible needs connected with given guarantees, fidejussions and assigned company rating.
  • Wealth Management: assistance as regards fiscal and succession matters as well as protection of savings.
  • Social security and insurances: personalized social security pianning, according to the individual and/or family exigences, as well as a careful service dedicated to the transmission of goods concerning the generational passage.

In BUSINESS CLASS the relationship with Customers is based on the full respect for priorities and values, on the basis of a high ethical standard, a strong sense of responsibility and the degree of delegation the investor wants to confer on his advisor.

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